Hello world!

Benvenuti! I started this blog to help you lovely people the find hidden gems in Milan that tour guides or travel books won’t give you. Upon moving to the city I had been scouring the internet and all the travel guides for places to go and things to do. Sadly each guide all lead me to Piazza Duomo, staring at Milan’s beautiful cathedral with not much else to recommend.

Milan is not a city where people traditionally travel to for it’s excellent sites or monuments nor it’s world famous cuisine, it is somewhere predominantly visited by people who enjoy high-fashion and shopping. Despite not being traditionally famed for good food or places to go my initial research about the city has been proved wrong – there are many fantastic things in the city to do.

This blog aims to cover everything from things to see and do to places to eat and drink.

Milan has so many places that I have either stumbled upon or been directed to by well-informed Milanese friends and I want to share my combined findings with whoever wants to know.