Milan’s worst kept secret: Luini’s panzerotti.

A side street in the heart of Milan which people would hardly go down if it wasn’t for this fantastic little bakery. Luini’s has been in Milan for over 60 years and almost since the very start has been turning heads. A Southern Italian snack brought to Milan with Luini’s secret recipe has made this small shop a certified money spinner and also named the king of panzerotti.

The simplest way to find Luini’s is to go into The Galleria from the main entrance and take the right exit and follow it straight, you then bear left and take the road on the right – you can’t miss it. It is unmissable as there will almost always be a queue outside, regardless of the day or time. At lunch time this is a favourite snack and quick bite to eat for workers, locals and even tourists.

Don’t be discouraged by the queues. The protocol is to order your food and leave, there is no real space to eat in doors. Most people either stand around outside or sit on the pavement opposite tucking into their delightful little snack.

Taking a bite

The dough used in Luini’s famous panzerotto is what most people notice and comment on first. It is fried but also quite sweet, when that mixes with the perfect amount of mozzarella and tomato sauce in your mouth you’re taste buds are sent to another dimension. You won’t have anything like that is Milan. It is unique in both taste and price. Considering their fame and how busy they are in such a wealthy city they stick to a fair priced business model. The traditional and most popular panzerotto costs €2,30 which is mere pocket change to anybody.

Luini may be the home to the panzerotto in Milan but they also sell focaccia as well as many other baked sweet goods which are also worth a try.

It would be rare not to walk around the Duomo and not see at least a few people either biting into their panzerotto or throwing their little paper bag into a bin. A real Milanese favourite.

Location: 16 Via San. Radegonda (MM1 & MM3 – Duomo)

Pricing: Very affordable

Rating: 10/10