Colonne di San Lorenzo

An iconic meeting point in Milan which doubles up at night as a large street party. Colonne as it is most commonly known is a short walk from the Duomo and from the navigli area, it’s perfectly in the middle of the two. Every night masses of Italians gather in the open square to chat away whilst enjoying a beer or cocktail, it’s a very cool and relaxed atmosphere.


Some people arrive in the early evening at take their place seated in the square or in between the columns and others arrive from elsewhere. From 11pm onward colonne is full of people enjoying a great night. You can drink what you want, as long as it is in a plastic cup which every bar around serves. Beers and cocktails are very cheap in the nearby set up shops which are tailored to meet the people’s needs.

It’s common tradition that everyone in colonne sits on the floor in groups whilst they drink, it’s almost surreal to see. Police are always around and on standby but never have to get involved in anything because of the Italian people and their good nature. At 2am everyone is asked to leave and cleaning trucks come in a clear the area. From colonne people head off toward navigli searching for open bars or clubs and others simply call it a night and go home.

There is something there for everyone. Bars with relatively no queues and cheap beer accompanied by the hustle and bustle of a young Milanese crowd makes colonne a unique night out.

Location: Corso di Porta Ticinese (Tram #3 or bus #94)

Pricing: Very Affordable

Rating: 10/10