The English Football Pub

It does what it says on the tin. It’s a typical English looking watering hole but in the centre of Milan. A home comfort for expats or even travelling tourists, especially over the weekend. It’s an absolute haven for a football fan, the walls are decorated in memorabilia which adds a charming feel to the pub.

You won’t find any typical beers on tap that you would in England, there is no Fosters, Carling or Carlsberg… Take that as you will but I think it is a good thing. The owner, Fabio, has hand selected a range of beers which meet the tastes of the pub’s multicultural clientele.

Best Guinness in Milan

The pubs barmen also boast that they serve the best Guinness in Milan and you would have to believe them as people come from very far just for a pint of the pub’s black stuff.

The pub has many large screens as well as a projector dedicated solely to the football and when the match is on the pub is full. When it’s a full house it’s all hands on deck, there are two staff members taking orders for drinks and food so the customers can be relaxed whilst watching the football and not wasting time queuing at the bar. The aforementioned barmen also pulling pints and serving drinks as fast as humanly possible makes everything in the pub run smoothly and calmly.

If football isn’t your cup of tea don’t be discouraged. When a big match is not on the pub is just a general pub – it’s not full of louts or hooligans like you’d possibly imagine in England. The clientele on the whole are young working professionals who enjoy a drink a nice bar with good drinks accompanied by a freshly made sandwich.

Location:  5 Via Valeptrosa, just off Via Torino (MM3 Duomo) and short walk

Pricing: Affordable

Rating: 9/10