Aperitivo su naviglio

All you can eat buffet plus any drink of your choice for €9, it’s nothing short of a bargain. Most bars will offer an aperitivo of sorts but they vary from a poor selection crisps and a handful of peanuts to pasta and meat-based dishes with caprese salads and fresh fruits and cakes for desert.

In navigli almost every bar offers an aperitivo and committing to one in particular is often a tough choice. The best part of the navigli area for an aperitivo is Ripa di Porta Ticinese which is the left-hand side of the larger and busier naviglio. At the top of the road are four or five bars all offering similar style foods for the same price so it comes down to personal preference and what you most like the look of.


My personal favourite is Bar Manhattan which is about three big bars down on the left, their food is the best quality that I have tasted in this offer and the cocktails are very good. All of the places offering an aperitivo use very small plastic plates but this is common practice and don’t feel limited to just the one…

The idea of doing an aperitivo was for when people finished work and would decide to have a drink afterward but after a day at work you might feel peckish so bars would offer complimentary snacks with the drink. This idea expanded to the point where people go for an aperitivo instead of having dinner because certain places will be able to feed an army and then some.

It’s a great way to either feed yourself for cheap if you’re visiting or even just to use it as originally intended as an evening elevenses.

Location: Ripa di Porta Ticinese (Porta Genova MM2 or Tram #9)

Pricing: Very Affordable

Rating: 10/10